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Career Development Center at COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Vehari is primarily established to produce better employees and employers relations using the potential of students and graduates of CIIT. Career Development Center helps the unemployed students and graduates to find jobs and provide with the skills and tools they need to advance within a government agency, corporation or organization. The Career Development Center provides impartial and confidential advice and treats all students with respect regardless of gender, religion, family status, disability, political persuasion, socio-economic background or any other factor. All students, whether existing or prospective, can expect to receive fair and equal treatment.


The Aim of Career Development Center services is to promote students and Alumni expertise and values that they acquire from their academic environment. Keeping in mind emerging market trends, Career Development Center of CIIT Vehari Campus will provides an extensive set of services focused on assisting CIIT students in career planning, guidance, career choices, academic planning and help them in exploring professions and placement opportunities


Career Development Center mission is To become a hub between students of university and organizations for well judged career decisions by inculcating in market oriented skills which enhances their creativity and enable them in finding unique position.


Career Development Center CIIT Vehari prime objectives are to assist students and its Alumni in identifying their future plans and guide them towards achieving their objectives. The Career Development Center inculcates innovative, intriguing and captivating guidance to CIIT students and Alumni, treat all students with respect regardless of gender, region, family status, disability, political persuasion or socio economic backgrounds. All students’ weather existing or prospective can expect to receive fair and equal services. The main objectives of CDC include:

  • To facilitate students and Alumni in making appropriate and realistic career choices and career decisions.
  • To facilitate students and Alumni in developing their academic career interests in line with their short and long term goals.
  • Assisting and providing information about various available scholarships opportunities.
  • To assist students in range of career profiles.
  • To help graduating students and Alumni and arrange capacity building sessions for their professional development.
  • To organize various activities such as seminars, workshops, Guest lecture for CIIT graduating students.
  • To effectively improve students in behavior and skills necessary to seek and qualify for job.
  • To become a hub between students of CIIT, its various departments and different organizations for well judged career decisions.
  • Providing career counseling to students for career selection.
  • To guide students choose further higher education in Pakistan or abroad in their study area.
  • Developing and maintaining placement board for students.
  • To act as medium of communication amongst students, industries and professionals bodies to promote career opportunities for CIIT students.

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Vehari is the centre place for diverse socio-economic life in the region. Vehari District was established in 1976. It has an area of 4,373 sq. km and an estimated population of 3.5 million. The district shares its boundaries with Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur districts on the Southern side, Pakpattan district on the Eastern, Lodhran district on the Western and Sahiwal and Khanewal districts on the Northern side....

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