Thursday, May 30, 2024

Office of Student Affairs


Office of student affairs (OSA) is committed to provide guidance, support and opportunities for students to develop skills, healthcare and character in a very pleasant environment and enriched campus life. This would foster student success by cultivating co-curricular skills for learning and well-being. OSA has very vibrant teams including Reading Club, Literary Society, Calligraphy and Fine Art Society, Health Awareness and Blood Donation Society, Character Building Society, Anti-Drugs and Tobacco Committee, Media Committee and Sports Committee who groom the students and regularly organize various events to achieve the aforementioned mission.

Student Affair Committees

  • Student Affair Committees
  • Literary Society
  • Reading club (student body)
  • Character building Society(student body)
  • Health Awareness & Blood Donor Society
  • Calligraphy and Fine ArtSociety(student body)
  • Media And Publicity Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Social Media Committee