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Rules Relating To CUI Vehari Girls Hostel

These rules may be called “CUI Vehari Girls Hostel Admission and Residence Rules”. They shall come into force with immediate effect.

  • Admission in the hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right even if the candidate is a bona fide student of CUI Vehari Campus. Admission shall be made strictly on merit.
  • Accommodation will be offered to eligible applicants subject to availability.
  • Students, whose admission has been cancelled on account of misbehavior/misconduct, violation of hostel rules, involvement in undesirable activities and misrepresentation, shall not be eligible for further hostel admission/allotment.
  • After admission to the hostel, students shall come under the direct supervision of the Hostel Warden for the purposes of residence and its discipline.
  • The Warden may refuse further admission to a student, whose past conduct in the hostel was not satisfactory.
  • Hostel fee will be notified by the Accounts Department and displayed on the campus website at the start of each semester.
  • All hostel dues shall be deposited by students at the time of admission, six months in advance in the United Bank Limited Vehari within a week of the allotment of a seat in the Hostel on bank challans supplied and duly signed by the Accounts Office, failing which the allotment shall be cancelled. The Warden is empowered to relax the period upto one month in case of emergency.
  • A student can be allowed to pay fee in two equal installments in case of special circumstances only after written approval of warden.
  • After due date a fixed fine of rupees 500-/ will be implied. A strict action will be taken against student if the student doesn’t submit the hostel fee in time.
  • After admission, if a student does not join the hostel for some reason, she can claim a refund. Full fee will be refunded if claimed in the first week, half fee will be refunded if claimed in second week and no fee will be refunded if a claim is made after two weeks of hostel allotment.
  • The Hostel Assistant shall report to the Warden, the names of the defaulter students who have not paid their dues after one month of last date of fee payment. Defaulters shall have to leave the hostel. The Warden may, however, allow a further period of grace in exceptional cases.
  • In case a defaulter student doesn’t leave the hostel, she will not be provided with any transport facility or mess service at hostel also she can be further not allowed to sit in examination till the payment of pending dues.
  • If a student wants to join hostel just in exam days, she can be granted seat in hostel if available with fixed charges of 1000 rupees/week plus a refundable security fee of 1000 rupees.
  • A day scholar if requested to stay in hostel in special cases, should get recommendation from her respective department or parents. And she will pay 200/day + respective mess charges for a night stay in hostel if allowed.

Mess Rules
  • Mess is mandatory for all the residents. Exemption from Mess will be only on medical grounds, but after following the due procedure, recommendation of Assistant Hostel Warden and its consequent approval of Hostel Warden.
  • Each student present in hostel will be marked present for mess attendance of that day. Students leaving for home will inform the concerned hostel staff in time, otherwise their mess attendance will be marked for that day.
  • The hostel mess shall be managed by a Mess Committee consisting of two or three representatives of the residents nominated by the Hostel Administration
  • The Mess Committee will submit a monthly statement to the Warden showing the dues of every resident by the 1st of every month.
  • Mess charges will be as per utilization. Due date of payment will be decided by hostel warden.
  • After due date Rs: 500 would be charged as fine. A strict action will be taken against the student if she fails to submit the mess dues for next 30 days after due date.
  • No resident is permitted to have private cooking arrangements in the living rooms.
  • Mess service will be available during the time fixed for each meal. Residents will not demand food after prescribed hours.
  • Residents attending the Dining Hall and other public places shall be in proper dress.
  • Hostels employees are under the direct control of the Hostel Warden. The Warden is empowered to take disciplinary action against them in case of default.
  • Residents are not allowed to take mess (kitchen) utensils to their rooms.
  • In case a defaulter student doesn’t leave the hostel, she will not be provided with any transport facility or mess service at hostel also she can be further not allowed to sit in examination till the payment of pending dues.
  • If a student wants to join hostel just in exam days, she can be granted seat in hostel if available with fixed charges of 1000 rupees/week plus a refundable security fee of 1000 rupees.
  • A day scholar if requested to stay in hostel in special cases, should get recommendation from her respective department or parents. And she will pay 200/day + respective mess charges for a night stay in hostel if allowed.

  • Hostel residents are expected to develop the habit of self-discipline. They shall not conduct themselves in a manner, which may interfere with the study and convenience of the fellow residents or injure their feelings. Nothing can make social life truly pleasant except genuine courtesy and mutual consideration.
  • Rooms must be kept clean and tidy. No resident is allowed to drive nails in the walls or to disfigure them in any manner.
  • No dogs and other pets should be brought into the premises of the Hostel.
  • There shall be no disturbance or noise in the rooms or outside the rooms within the hostel premises. No student shall entertain in her room fellow resident or outsiders during the hours between 10.00 pm to 06.00 am
  • No student shall keep a transistor radio set or tape recorder without the permission of the Warden and shall not use it in a way causing inconvenience to others.
  • Playing of loud musical instruments in the rooms is not permitted. If violated, Rs. 1000/- fine may be imposed on the defaulter (s).
  • Residents are advised not to keep large sums of money with them. These should be deposited in a bank. The hostel authorities are not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables left in rooms.
  • A resident indulging in smoking, use of liquor, gambling or found in possession of fire arms or explosives shall be expelled from the hostel.
  • Spreading by word of mouth or by written material, any religious, sectarian, ethnic, regional, gender or linguistic conflicts and/or hatred shall not be allowed in any case.
  • If any of the boarder is found involved in theft, she will be punished accordingly which may include cancellation of allotment from the hostel and/or expulsion from the institute.
  • Complaints against the misbehavior of Hostel employees may be made to the Warden. Residents are not allowed to use abusive language or physical force against them or any others.
  • A resident shall not change her room without the prior permission of the Warden. If permitted, a fee of Rs.500/- shall be charged for changing the room.
  • A resident intending to withdraw her name from the Hostel shall make an application in writing to the Warden who may then allow to leave after clearing the dues.
  • No student is allowed to stay in the hostel after the completion of the terminal examination. The students, who have to complete their thesis/dissertations after the completion of the examination, may be permitted by the Warden to continue their stay in the hotel on the recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned for a period not exceeding one month.
  • The room must be vacated by the students and the keys handed over to the Hostel administration before leaving for the summer vacations or on completion of Terminal Examination. Students who fail to comply with this rule will not be allowed hostel accommodation during the succeeding academic year.
  • All notices about the hostel will be pasted on the hostel notice board and shall be considered as read by the residents. Failure to read a notice shall not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance with such a notice. Students are directed not to tear or remove the notices pasted by the Hostel Administration; otherwise, their hostel seat will be cancelled. Before a notice or poster, etc. is displayed on the hostel board; the Warden will countersign it.
  • No meetings are permitted to be held in the hostel, and no outsiders shall be invited even to the permissible meetings without the prior permission of the Warden.
  • If a resident is found guilty of breach of Hostel Rules or misbehavior, the Warden may impose such fine on her, as she may deem appropriate.
  • All applications for remission of hostel fine shall be submitted to the Warden who may pass such orders as she deems fit.
  • Fines imposed on residents in connection with their residence in the Hostel shall be deposited in the account of the hostel.
  • Boarders must cooperate with the staff, committee member and respective wing proctors. In case of violation, strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Cases of serious violation of discipline in the hostel will be reported by the Warden to the Campus Director who may remove a resident from the hostel or take any other appropriate action.
  • No society, club or organization will be formed in the hostel without the written permission of hostel warden.
  • If any resident creates trouble or disturbs the surrounding houses, she will be liable to lose the hostel seat.
  • Playing of indoor games at any place other than the designated place is prohibited.

Specific Rules
  • Every boarder must mark her attendance on daily basis on specified register available with gatekeeper. In case of leaving the hostel for her home, she has to mark her attendance on the attendance register both at the time of leaving and returning back to hostel.
  • A boarder should take a written permission of warden one day prior to leaving for home. If she has to leave in emergency the same day she can take permission from warden or assistant hostel through her parents from the specific number provided on the time of admission.
  • A boarder is not allowed to leave the institute premises without written permission of warden/asst. In case a boarder intends to leave the institute premises for any official/academic purpose, she must obtain recommendation from her concerned Head of Department or DOO and also parents if needed.
  • Girls are only allowed to go out with their parents or real siblings, upon providing their CNIC copy with leaving application.
  • Permission for night stay shall only be granted if the boarder intends to visit the residence of her authorized relatives. This permission shall not exceed 7 days. Absence of a boarder from the hostel for more than 7 days shall render her name liable for expulsion from the hostel by serving a one day notice.
  • All residents shall be in the Hostel by sunset. The rooms shall be kept open between 08:30 p.m. to 09:30 pm .to enable the hostel authorities to mark attendance of the students.
  • A student shall seek prior permission of the warden to come late at night from home in the Hostel with permission of her parents. A student returning to the Hostel at night after Maghrib prayer shall sign her name in the Register kept with the Security Guard at the gate, giving the number of her room and the date and time of arrival.
  • Campus transport is available for boarders so a boarder is not allowed to use private transport or Raksha during their stay in hostel without written permission.
  • Picking a boarder from hostel or dropping them back to hostel is the responsibility of the parents. After taking written approval from warden of leaving for home, hostel management is not responsible for the student.
  • In case of any complaint a hostellite student should fill the complaint form available with gatekeeper of hostel for further necessary action to resolve the complaint.
  • All notices/instructions issued from time to time must be followed.

Rules for visitors
  • 1. Only the visitors having their names mentioned on the visitor’s list signed by the parents of a boarder can visit her in the hostel premises. No visitor is allowed in rooms.
  • 2. A day scholar wants to do group study with their class fellows residing in hostel shall only be allowed with prior written permission of the warden or the person designated by the warden. Also, the application for stay should include the consent of the actual roommates with their signatures be mentioned. Also the visitor will have to leave the hostel before maghrib prayer.
  • 3. If any day scholar stays in the hostel without prior approval, hostellite (host) student will be fined Rs. 2000/-.

  • Lights / fan in the rooms must be put off, when a resident goes outside his room. Defaulters are liable to fine.
  • Electric installations must not be tampered with in any way. Unauthorized interference with the installation is very risky, as it may cause serious damage. Residents found guilty of such interference are liable to heavy fine / expulsion from the hostel.
  • Room cooler (500/W) is not allowed to any hostel room without permission of the Warden. Students permitted to use dessert Cooler (500/w) will bring their own apparatus and pay Rs: 500/ per month electricity charges, in addition to utility charges.
  • Residents are not allowed to keep with them Electric Stoves/Heaters. Any such appliance found in the possession of a student may be confiscated. The use of Heater and Electric Stoves is strictly prohibited. Any student found infringing this rule may be fined Rs. 500 for the first time, Rs. 1000 for the second time and cancellation of her seat for the third time.

  • Residents are responsible for the safe custody of the furniture allotted to them. They are not permitted to remove the furniture from one room to another or interchange the furniture.
  • Resident (s) shall pay any damage done to the furniture supplied to them.
  • Anyone found guilty of causing damage to the Hostel property will not only have to make good the loss but will also be liable to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the hostel and/or campus.

• The hostel seat of any resident may be cancelled at any time on violation of rules. In case of expulsion of a boarder from hostel for whatsoever reason, no claim for refund of dues shall be entertained.

Forms and affidavit

Student Admission form
Hostel Leave Form
Hostel Notice
Compalint Forms
Hostel Visitor Form

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