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    Alumni Data

    Sr.# Alumni Reg.# Name Program Designation Company
    1 CIIT/SP19-RMT-001/VHR Nadia Aslam RMT Lecturer Math HED
    2 CIIT/SP19-RMT-003/VHR Nasir Ali RMT Visiting Lecturer University of Education Lahore,Vehari Campus
    3 CIIT/SP19-RMT-007/VHR Hafiz Jahanzaib Qasim RMT Est (science) Punjab School Education Department
    4 CIIT/SP19-RMT-009/VHR Aamir Khan RMT SSE (math) Punjab School Education Department
    5 CIIT/SP19-RMT-010/VHR Sharafat Ali RMT Lecturer
    6 CIIT/SP19-RMT-013/VHR Muhammad Irshad RMT PST GPS 46/WB Vehari
    7 CIIT/SP19-RMT-015/VHR Sofia Mushtaq RMT SSE (Science) Punjab School Education Department Vehari
    8 CIIT/SP19-RMT-018/VHR Aneesa Shereen RMT ESE (sci-math) Education Department
    9 CIIT/SP19-RMT-021/VHR Ahmad Raza RMT ESE(sci-math) Education Department
    10 CIIT/SP19-RMT-022/VHR Muhammad Asif RMT EST Education Department
    11 CIIT/SP19-RMT-023/VHR Muhammad Muzafar Hussain RMT Lecturer Burewala vehari
    12 CIIT/SP19-RMT-026/VHR Muhammad Abid RMT EST GES 159 WB Vehari
    13 CIIT/SP19-RMT-028/VHR Muhammad Bilal RMT ESE Science Education Department
    14 CIIT/SP19-RMT-029/VHR Fozia Iqbal RMT PST GGHS84/15L
    15 CIIT/FA19-RMT-007/VHR Babar Gulzar RMT ESE
    16 CIIT/FA19-RMT-009/VHR Muhammad Abid-Ul-Faiz RMT Teacher Punjab School Education Department Vehari
    17 CIIT/FA19-RMT-011/VHR Muhammad Jamal RMT Teaching pst GHS 9-11/Wb
    18 CIIT/FA19-RMT-012/VHR Muhammad Naveed Iqbal RMT Teacher 7WB Vehari
    19 CIIT/FA19-RMT-013/VHR Muhammad Sajjad RMT Teacher Education department
    20 CIIT/FA19-RMT-016/VHR Nazir Ahmad RMT EST Teacher Ges 163/WB vehari
    21 CIIT/FA19-RMT-023/VHR Sidra Ehtasham-Ul-Haq RMT Lecturer Post Graduate College(W) Vehari
    22 CIIT/FA19-RMT-025/VHR Amir Hussain RMT Teacher
    23 CIIT/FA19-RMT-028/VHR Shakeel Ahmad Qadri RMT Lecturer Superior College Vehari
    24 CIIT/SP20-RMT-010/VHR Muhammad Mohsin Khan RMT PST BPS 14 Vehari
    25 CIIT/SP20-RMT-016/VHR Muhammad Ashfaq RMT PST BPS 14 Punjab School Education
    26 CIIT/SP20-RMT-017/VHR Muhammad Ayyub RMT PST BPS 14 Punjab School Education

Alumni at a Glance

  1. Campus Established: 2008
  2. Three functional academic blocks
  3. Number of Programs Offered: 21
  4. Stretched over an area of 52 acres
  1. More than 2,100 students
  2. More than 148 Faculty Members

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Vehari is the centre place for diverse socio-economic life in the region. Vehari District was established in 1976. It has an area of 4,373 sq. km and an estimated population of 3.5 million. The district shares its boundaries with Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur districts on the Southern side, Pakpattan district on the Eastern, Lodhran district on the Western and Sahiwal and Khanewal districts on the Northern side....

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